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Hello, <br /> <br /> I was wondering if you can send me information on the ability to use some of your items for commercial/professional use.<br /> I have a few kits purchased already for personal use.<br /> to give you some background.<br /> I currently am working on creating invitations (small,small business from home with just myself as the actual layout creator) and maybe using some of your papers or for that matter maybe an element or 2 at times on the invitations to be printed, more as an addition to create invitations that look a bit like scrap pages. I do not claim any designs as my own and if credit is necessary am open to do so on my website<br /> Im starting a website and would love to use some of the items I either currently have or would someday buy for use to produce invitations that other may want. <br /> <br /> Thank you
<br /> no i'm sorry my products (kits, papers etc...) are for personal use only... you can only use my CU... thanks<br /> <br /> <br />